Can You Interpret this Dream/Vision?

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I was in the vision high above the earth.  and communicating with people, I don’t know who.  It was extremely dark but I was not afraid.  Then because of several (more than 2) flashes of light (twinkling of an eye flashes) I could see into the earth’s crust and the land was desiccated to the depth of about 8 or more, maybe even 12 feet.  I could see the honeycomb pattern in the interior of the earth’s crust.  All moisture was gone.  The surface of the earth was unchanged. webdesign
I have attached this picture showing how only a web-like structure was seen underneath the surface of the earth.
I decided to inform a group of people including President Obama of this, but I also wrote all this in a letter, addressed and stamped the envelope and placed it on a stainless steel cabinet for mailing.
Obama did not receive my prophecy/vision about the earth’s crust.  He started walking back to the White House which was not far away and I followed.   The letter, I noticed, was now missing; someone did not want this word getting out.  The President continued walking with me slightly behind him.  He had no protective secret service detail escorting him.
If you have an interpretation please write it in a comment box.

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