Open Letter from God to the Witches of Salem

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What if we had the opportunity to sit down with the people of Salem in 1680 to discuss, in plain language, the future of the United States of America.
God would have said something like this. “I have plans for this largely uninhabited land, much larger than the small Massachusetts communities you see today.
“In fewer than 300 years there will be a World War which will threaten my Chosen People, the Jews, and I need a large, young race of resilient people – the Americans – to fight to free Europe both from the Satanic power of Hitler and the political status quo which has kept them in bondage.
“This people will create new armaments and send their soldiers to help the Jews return to their ancient homeland to fulfill a promise I made millennia ago.
“So please, do not live and work in fear. Your small society today is the foundation for men of wisdom, letters, and character to create a nation based on the value of the individual.
“I have plans for all nations – both sheep nations and goat nations – depending on how they respond to my word and my call. Your place in history is as pioneers.  You will not fail.  You need not fear loss and failure.”
That was the message of the 1600’s. But now, in the 21st century we have witches just as they did but we call them control freaks.  Driven by fear of failure and self-righteousness, they manipulate those around them through blame and lies. They cannot possibly be wrong so – someone else must be. The politics of blame is at the core of the 21st century news cycle. It also motivates groups of people to make wrong decisions.
Good news does not make headlines, but bad news –  that is some person or some group is to blame – can rile up the public and produce some kind of negative reaction. When that reaction occurs and there is a riot or a murder, then they can proudly claim to be prophets to verify their own superiority. “See, I was right.  America is on a crash course because of a race war.” It is an ugly business.
How much racism is actually manufactured by control freaks who want something to happen?  Specifically, something to give them a headline?  If there is nothing else to be said of the 24/7 news gatherers it is that they are controllers.
The fact that the ratings for most news groups have declined is a sure sign not just that they have been unsuccessful, but that viewers have wearied of being blamed. If a celebrity calls for Donald Trump to be assassinated is this not witchcraft, modern style?  Are they not promoting an evil event to show they are in control of men’s minds?
And accusing groups and individuals to be racist when they are not, or when there is no proof –  this is also witchcraft.  Libel, that is the writing of lies against a person, is also illegal but hardly ever prosecuted because the court system is already jammed up.
Whole societies are imprisoned by misinformation or no information at all. China, for example, has no access to American consumer goods or the internet, no free press, no free radio information, no secret ballot, no freedom of religion (you are free to be a Buddhist, of course), no freedom to travel without huge penalties, no freedom of assembly, that is no Kiwanis or school ball teams, or labor union groups.  And if you disagree with the people in charge you can be labelled an enemy of the state.
I use China because it is five times the size of the USA but there are many other nations in the world today who are trapped by ignorance. This is the common life under Communism, such as North Korea, Venezuela, and much of socialism.
Mind control leads to physical control. Those who commit suicide in China are citizens under 35 when they realize they have no future. The control freak must rely on lies to stay in power. No wonder Jesus said, “whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” Lies are a personal prison.
Decisions we make in fear will bring shame and disgrace. But having a vision of what God wants and where He is going allows each generation to look at its call with hope and a sense of fulfilled purpose. God’s in it for the long haul – so are you.

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