Symbolism of Seeds

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One of the major symbols in the Holy Bible is the seed. It refers to many things, primarily human beings, as being created from a family seed, to Jesus as the promised Messiah and the seed of a woman who will save the world as early as the book Genesis and the deeds that are sown in society, our works, our words, our presence which makes its mark on the world. That is a lot of territory.

The Promised Seed

First, after Adam and Eve make such a disastrous decision to disobey God, He reveals to them His plan – that the seed of a woman will save the world. Genesis This seed is the offspring that is born thousands of years later in the land of Abraham. Mary had the proper seed (ovum) , and the Holy Spirit provided the sperm. What came forth was the person who would change the world. This is contrary to what human beings do – they create systems; God changes the world by bringing in a baby.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Second, we are told that seeds only reproduce their own kind. But to do this the plant must “die” or release the seeds from the pods into the ground. When Jesus died he made provision that a generation of people over the next several millennia could reproduce his works and His words to future societies. This explains his statement, “it will be counted to him for a generation. http://Psalm 22:30 A seed shall serve him; it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation.

A generation comes from the word “gene” which refers to the imprint of the nature of Jesus on future human beings who will also be saviors and change agents. We have His DNA.

Finally there is you and me – that generation coming forth to replicate the life of Jesus in our own time with our own neighbors. What we are is in one small part a portion or reflection of that seed of the first seed, the Lord Himself. For one it might be music, another writing, another preaching, another an honorable businessman or politician or sports figure. We aren’t the whole package like the Lord, but we are part of it.

This last usage of the word seed is the substance of this song by Glen Campbell.

Planted by God (you and I if we are obedient servants of the Lord)
In a field without worth (in this fallen and evil world)
We are but seeds in His eyes
So He nurtures with grace
And His hands work the earth
That His fruit may be sanctified
(we are to bring forth holy fruit)
Come harvest time. (the duration of our life on earth and possibly after wards in our children and society.)

So when doubt dries the land (the world is hostile to God)
Or the cold war winds blow (the whole world lies in the wicked one)
When the floods of indifference rise (apathy is the enemy of progress and truth)
Oh the roots that faith grew (No one sees our roots of faith)
Will keep us strong
`Til our last sunset leaves the sky
(Our death leaves more seeds on the ground of our nation)
Come harvest time.

CHORUS: Come harvest time
What thanksgiving we will show
When the Plowman brings freedom
From the earth here below
Come harvest time
Oh what joy will be known
When He gathers the souls (that is us)
Of the seeds He has sown.

Glen Campbell’s Song about God’s Harvest

This is our real inheritance in God- that we leave a message, more precisely we are a message to be planted in future generations. When Jeremiah says, quoting God, “I have plans for you,” this is what he is talking about. Blessed are those who find the path God has for them.

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