The Holy Mission of the Political “True Believer”

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As we go into another Easter season we must face the True Believer who lives in the calcified world of an alternate reality based on religious and political theory.
Islam will rule

The first rule of war is KNOW YOUR ENEMY. What we say here is not about “Obama” but what he represents – the zealot who only knows one thing – his opinion is reality and that is the whole story.

The USA continues to be the world’s leader, not just because it marshalls so many resources and finances, but because it is a template for better government and respect for individuals.  In spite of its many failings this nation continues to be copied because of intrinsic success in dealing with people as human beings, not numbers or assets to be used by oligarchs. Everywhere now one finds the Americanization of nations. Consequently America is also blamed for uprisings and changes that citizens make in their living standards and goals.

My theory is truth

Right now Western Civilization is under an attack  infecting every aspect of American life and culture by the True Believer, a rock hard certainty of one’s righteous control of other human beings. Uplifting the believer is the arrogance of ignorance, arrogant in that it assumes authority it does not have, and ignorance because the nature of man, not the nature of systems defines human life.

We bend the facts to make the theory right

President Barak Obama patterned this in his presidency, an absolutist position which knows no variation or change. This malaise is found in every system of government which dominates the lives of human beings at varying levels. Analysts divide governmental systems into neat little groups – fascism, communism, socialism, monarchy, theocracy such as Iran, dictatorship such as Venezuela, and even anarchy exemplified by sanctuary cities, New York and California. But it is all the same disease at different levels of effectiveness.  North Korea has brought this government to the pint of actually killing the nation entirely.

This is the holy believer; his god is himself.  President Obama is now gone, but the True Believer remains as the world wide enemy.  Islam models this, but Islam itself is not the enemy.  The True Believer is the one in every society, ethnic group, religious persuasion, and small town. The idea that Man is his own god is not new; it has just spread to seven billion people and gained power in the halls of governments which allow that indulgence.

Let’s examine the model of the True Believer

Barak Obama’s Creed
But to really know a man is to discern how his spirit is programming his actions.  Our modern pundits know facts but nothing about the inside. They agonize over the motive for every deed from the White House without seeing the underlying pattern of behavior.
Jesus was asked if he was the Messiah, but never answered yes or no. Instead:

Luke 7:22 So he replied to the messengers, “Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.

Jesus: Examine my deeds

Looking at Obama’s deeds will prove even to hardened skeptics that he is  Muslim who expects to turn over to the consortium of Islamic States the “United States of Islam,”  fully prepared to accept Shariah law and a new government. To these media professionals, this is anathema – that is to be in the middle of a winner-take-all Holy War.  They have not been able even to look at this prospect, much less deal with its impact.

To understand Obama we will find the proof in his deeds. Here they are.

  • Speaking at Georgetown University in Obama demanded that a picture of Jesus be removed from his view.  No Christian would want a picture of his savior moved.  He is not  Christian as he once said.
  • Obama said we are a Muslim nation. This was news to virtually everyone. But it is actually a prophecy from him as to where we are going.
  • Recently he granted limited amnesty to 5 million illegals. Why? Because he wants a Democratic majority? No. Democrats are Americans. A Democrat majority may help him in the end but he seeks the conversion of 5, 10, or 25 million Spanish-speaking people who have grown up under dictators, and have learned to obey authority as Roman Catholics. They will fall in line, he thinks. Many will convert to Islam if it means food or medicine. In the caliphate of America there will be no political parties, only Shariah law and a dictator-leader. These illegals will impoverish America with social service bills and collapse the schools’ budgets at every level according to an estimate from Hoover Institution at 9.5 trillion, on top of a staggering debt already promoted and advanced by Obama to bankrupt the nation and make it vulnerable to attack.

Latinos will fill jobs ordinarily taken by blacks.  The term African-American is a separatist movement in itself; we need a united country as eternal divisiveness solves no problems.  Blacks are Americans – period.
Already suffering very high unemployment the blacks will riot and pave the way for the President to call for martial law.  Ferguson, Missouri is a good example.  Obama’s goal for 2016 is to remain in the Presidency. Poverty leaves a nation weakened enough to subsume into another system. That is why he could tell Al Sharpton to “stay the course” although I doubt the voters knew what that course actually is.

Compare this to President Biden

  • Obama openly supported all forms of sex perversion which is a predictor of a nation’s collapse.
  • Obama supported the proven failed policies of green energy. Because he is a tree hugger? Absolutely not. Today the USA has more fuel reserves than the Middle East which OPEC knows. When they take over they will remain the world’s top oil producers and this will allow them to control smaller countries that have been getting our oil. This helps them to crush Israel which also has more oil than her contiguous neighbors.  The public knows nothing about our oil ascendancy because the “happy camper media” is too afraid of being shunned, watched, fired or otherwise persecuted. However some in the media are getting smarter.
  • Obama sent private messages to Iran in violation of accepted foreign policy, thus joining forces with Iranian plans to dominate the world and create a United States of Islam. American planes fully financed by our taxpayers are using drones to kill Shiite Muslims in Syria to help Saudi Arabians. Why are we fighting in their war?
  • Obama’s anti-Jewish, anti-Netanyahu policy has persisted even as the Democrat Party has tried to moderate.  The Jewish vote is important, but more urgently the loss of American support will weaken Israel and allow her enemies camped round about to take her down.
  • Obama has no nervousness about the last election of 2014. It looks bad now for the Democrats but that is no problem. Elections will be eliminated in the years of the caliphate. What is important is to look like a victim, a persecuted minority, and a racist object of scorn. This posture allows the public to sympathize and exposes the religious base of both Jews and Christians to scorn and censure by the largely “stupid” public as Johnathan Gruber points out. Truth sets free. Can’t have that!
  • The military has been castrated. Our fighting force is equivalent to that of pre-World War 2 levels, as heard on John Batchelor. Even the purchase of ammunition is a big problem for local gun owners who can be expected to fight back against the Islamist. All dictatorships in the world today have gun laws preventing private citizens from removing the tyrants. Under the caliphate the 2nd Amendment will be a dim memory
  • Legalize marijuana etc? Perfect. A stoned public is no threat.
  • Obamacare? A perfect vehicle to prevent Christians and other infidels from getting life saving drugs and surgeries all to be controlled by Islam. That is easier than killing them under Shariah law; they would put up a terrible stink. This is quiet persecution and early death for many.  Old people are not buying the Obama ideology and are stuck on patriotism. The younger generation has been well trained in government schools in anti-American thought and entitlement politics.The Affordable Care Act has now been proven to be not affordable!  And the mandated policy of limiting all health care for those working fewer than 30 hours a week has resulted in 95 million persons either unemployed or seeking a full time position.  The statistics on unemployment do not include these marginal workers.
  • Obama scolds Australia for dumping climate control. Because he supports climate control? NO, because this will impoverish America’s best allies. He made a deal with China to control carbon emissions, but China has no skin in that game. China doesn’t need to.  It was all a PR move.
  • We understand the tsunami of Obama’s lies. It is futile to examine them one-by-one and look for a cause/effect. The doctrine of Islam states that it is acceptable, even desirable to lie to infidels (anyone outside the caliphate’s authority) in the promotion of Islam. It takes a lot energy to examine these lies  individually and ultimately a senseless exercise.
  • America is not “exceptional” now, but it will be when the caliphs take over.
  • Obama has repeatedly shown contempt for law and order. Naturally. Only Shariah law is lawful. Islam is a theocracy ruled by males and any law other than Shariah Law is therefore unlawful.
  • Hillary Clinton will not be President because females have no rights under Shariah law.
  • Pardoning Gitmo guys on the sly puts caliphate foot soldiers back in the war, trained and energized.
  • Republicans are the hated infidels not simply because they oppose him but because they support Judeo-Christian traditions and the Constitution.  Once the caliphate takes over the Constitution is history.
  • Of course it’s workplace violence at Fort Hood. No condemnation should ever be heaped upon Islam because, as you need to learn, they are always in the right.
  • Benghazi was about allowing Islam to win that one. It is important to have Islam show itself as all-powerful to Americans so they will be ready to be led by them. Obama’s autobiography is remarkably clear.  He told us the truth long ago – why are we surprised?
  • Mostly recently, the torture report outing CIA agents and embarrassing the nation has a double whammy – to allow endangered agents to either retire or be killed in foreign fields and to focus national eyes on the evils of our democracy.  Islam has a world-wide mission and a worldwide goal so all vestiges of American free will and thought must be stamped out.  Europe and the Far East are weak now and their halting steps towards reform will end as America goes under.
  • Reportedly Obama has violent angry outbursts  against those who cross him.  This makes no sense to seasoned politicians who know that all things must be negotiated.  But when you think “this is god’s divine plan which must be followed” his frustration is reasonable.  These are not Obama’s plans, but Allah’s – how dare anyone disagree.
  • And finally, a visit to protest the Paris Massacre would force President Obama to take the anti-Muslim position.  He is consistent in all things.

This is not a conspiracy. Obama no longer seeks or needs the endorsement of others. He has managed to strip most of the country of its stability through debt, expanded a government that is incompetent at all levels, starved-out the military, snubbed or antagonized our friends and enemies, turned over daily policy decisions to a Syrian, Valerie Jarrett, and avoided both parties in Congress for whom he shows no interest.

Many observers think Obama is a socialist or a communist; this is a political conclusion which clouds the religious reality. Both these governmental systems destroy populations with top-down controls and lead to dictatorship as fertile ground for Islam.   Again, this is not a political war but a Holy one.

The “god in charge” is the only needed element in the future of the country.  This is not Machiavellian where the end justifies the means.  The Italian knew right from wrong.  No, for Islam the means has no relevance – the end is all.  I repeat – Obama’s long-range goals are to present the USA on a platter to Islam as the Caliphate of the United States of Islam.  He does not deviate!

God put the Church, the salt, to end this decay. Where is it?

Let me insert here that I don’t agree one whit with his plans – they are a negative copy of God’s positive plan for his planet, nor do I think all Islamists are so motivated.  But since they do not openly condemn these actions, one cannot assume they will accept the norms of Western society as outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Neither do I think the Americans will fall in line as hoped.  The Latinos especially love family and moral values, and once they see them threatened will pick up their share of the political load.

Enter the impeachment of Donald Trump.  He has mapped out a system of eliminating virtually everything in the previous paragraphs and the reintroduction of basic moral standards.  When a person has himself as god, moral standards do not apply to him.  He refuses them, because hedonism is the goal of his life. The international growth of sex-trafficking demonstrates this. Of all actions it is the most perverse, spreading evil everywhere it happens and extremely difficult to erase, a form of wickedness fostered by internet pornography and much of television and movies.

In science a theorem is believed to be true if it passes every additional test of reason.  I  believe that if you plug-in every deed from this President you will see that this is true – governing America is neither Obama’s issue nor his goal.

Republican government means we choose people to speak for us

Are we not seeing this because most of us have no interest in running the government?  I suspect so.  We elected our leaders to do this.  We cannot fully blame the media.  Realizing that we have been deceived so badly is a blow to our personal and national egos.  Many people of good will voted for this man. Many voters hoped this would end racism as a political tool by their vote, only to see the situation worsen. No one wants to admit he’s been used, but our future depends on our seeing the truth and acting legally to turn our country around. And our prayers.

President Biden will restore Obama’s world

We are told to pray for our government and our leaders at all levels.  Do we do this?  I rather doubt it.  The results have been a wave of “executive orders”, little more than self-will on the throne.  I have prayed this – that God would turn this man’s heart around so he values both this nation and his office.

The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes.

And we can continue  to pray this. Here I’ve only skimmed the surface of President Obama’s deeds. You add your list and see if you do not agree. He is proud; he is confident.  He will not waver.  This man is a man with a plan, a noble plan, a divine plan, acceptable to his god and his friends. And you are not in it!
At one time theologians were asked their opinions along with office holders, journalists, psychologists, historians and scientists. Every panel had them. No more. Today observers on the national scene are “natural men,” that is…..

“The natural man receives not the things of the spirit of God.”

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The Ministry of the Watchman – An observer on the wall sharing a report of what God is seeing and doing in the world at large and also in the congregations of His people. Cornelia Scott Cree, Watchman, Change Agent, Essayist.

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