The Prophet's Reward

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Matthew 10:41 He who receives and welcomes a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward; (Amplified)
I never really thought about this Scripture much until this past week when I failed to watch any of the Republican Convention.  They tell me it was worthwhile, but I had no interest.  

Why?  Because I knew who would win the election in November.  I’ve been listening to God’s prophets for many years and taking their words seriously.  Eighteen months ago I knew the results of this election, not in minute detail you understand, but the broad base of what God wanted to accomplish with a new person in charge of a secular nation.

God is in charge of history

Because, after all, God is in charge of history and what America does is extremely important regarding what happens to Israel, and Israel is the linchpin of world history.  All of this is in the Bible.

However, it is not the prophetic information that is important.  If  told you what I knew about this election you would not have the prophet’s reward because the reward is not by knowing the future, or your knowing the information about the future.  The reward is the same reward the prophet gets – the absolute lack of fear about the future.  It is what I noticed about myself.

No fear of the future

Knowing what I do about this election has eliminated all fear I might have had about it even though I have been dismayed by the incredible destruction of my nation for the past eight years and even more years than that.  I might have redoubled my efforts to work for candidates, which would be a misuse of my time. My time belongs to God and He is supposed to tell me how to use it, not my fear of the future.  And what is political activity about after all, but fear of the future.

Prophet’s reward applies to everything

In addition the prophet’s reward applies to all aspects of living. I am freed from all fear about all things – money, property, the people around me and in my family. One of my children has stage four cancer of the brain.  My friends wonder why I am so unemotional about it? Because I have the prophet’s reward – no fear!

A violent storm took down a tree and part of my apartment building.  I had no fear.  Others were panicky. The prophet’s reward applies to every event – no fear.

That does not mean I throw all caution to the wind?  No.  I am planning to buy a small firearm.  There are many dangers in this nation we did not have 20, 40, 60 years ago. One out of four Americans lives alone and protection is a must, but not with fear.  Fear leads to accidents.

Don’t make prophecy your goal

So the message is this.  Know what the prophets said in the Bible and what they are saying now. Not all prophets tell the truth.  You will learn how to discern which are true and those who are flawed.  Don’t make a mission of ferreting out the phonies – it’s a waste of time. Just focus on the ones whose prophecies come true.  Your reward will be an end to fear because faith will have taken over your life.


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