Why "New Age Spirituality" is Phony

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A minister once told me when I asked him about Christian Science, ” It is not Christian and it is not a science.” I thought how worthless that answer really is! He also could have said New Age is neither new nor spiritual with much the same results. Nothing is explained; everything is explained away. People today do not need facile answers to life-and-death questions. Whatever is explained away is still not explained!

New Age Religion, in fact all false religions and spiritual ventures, seeks access to the spiritual world. There are two doors into the spirit world, one through the soul and the other through the spirit. The soul world is based in the Greek word, psyche, and refers to the human soul which is separate and different from the human spirit.

I Thess 5:23 and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you enter the spirit world through the soul you are not entering the spirit world of God. You have accessed the demonic. If you get into the spirit world through the psyche you end up having conversations with demons.

Explaining “Familiar” spirits

Dead human beings are not allowed access back to earth after they have died, but demons who are familiar with their life on earth (demons do not die) can pretend to be the dead person. When you seek out a spiritualist for a conversation with someone who has died, the “person” speaking is a demonic spirit. They are called “familiar spirits” simply because they know about the past life of that person and you as well.

Demons have souls and they are be identified by their nature – the lying demon, the hate demon, the selfish demon, the whining demon. There are billions of them because there are many more of them on earth than human beings. However, one piece of good news is that there are twice as many good angels as there are demons.

Psychology is a dead end

Psychology, the scientific study of the human soul, is successful; you can get a lot of information about truth. But when psychology becomes a substitute for religion you’re entering a spiritual world through the back door. As a consequence, those who try to find truth through psychology never have the blessings of the real world of God – love, love, peace, fulfillment.

Everything for them is temporary, because it has its foundation only in the temporal. Once their psychology wears thin, they end up on the skids, their false world falls apart and they sink into the hopelessness and loss that they originally sought to depart.

The real spirit world is reached only through the Holy Spirit, part of the reality known as God, and the spirit cleans out the psyche. You can’t get there from the natural world. You must go through the word of God, also called Jesus.

Christians (and others) have been told that Christians cannot have demons, so when they get in the grips of the psyche-people, they don’t realize that they are actually dealing with a spiritual enemy. Fortunately many of the new Christian leaders coming along have got this right. The devil only works through the soul; God works through the spirit to save the soul.

Demons have a spirit and a soul but no body

Demons have a spirit, which means they don’t need and can’t use your spirit; but demons do not have a body. So they use human bodies.  If you find this hard to believe watch the television news every night for evil and beheadings.  Demons are working through people’s bodies to act out their evil. When you hear a deliberate lie, you are listening to a demon talking through someone. This of course is not true about people who simply repeat lies. Most often they don’t know what they are talking about – they are just parroting. But parroting can get you into trouble; you can start to believe the stuff you have been repeating.

Psychology not evil, just soulish

Does this mean psychology is evil? No, because psychology does analyze and explain soulish behavior for our understanding. But again, it has no power to change a life. All life is changed by the author of life – God Himself. When you hear the words, “Jesus loves you” what that person is saying is that God through His agencies cares enough for you that He wants to be your sole support for now and eternity. The agencies of man accomplish very little. James says, “The wrath of man does not bring about the holiness of God.” (Romans 1:18) Think of all the man-based religious effort, including some politics, that ends up nowhere.

Islam is based on the worship of the ancient idol known as Baal, primarily a sex demon. They are taught the same message Christians and Jews are taught – that their god wins in the end, that all humanity will finally accept the lordship of the Judeo-Christian God, that happiness will be their inheritance. But Islam also teaches false things – like having sex after death, that anyone who disagrees with them should be eliminated, and everywhere they go they own that piece of property.

Jesus died for you, but not in Islam

They even believe that by dying a martyr they can reach heaven. We know this is Satanic because Satan wants you to die for him while God says He died for you.  Marxism says you’ll find happiness when you have all your physical needs met. One hundred years of Marxism and it is all in a trash pile – Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, and Europe as usual is sick. The Doomsday Prophets – the enemy is going to take over – we should a kill ourselves!!!

The Kingdom of God is not meat or drink (or fine clothes, good health, and a 50 inch TV) but righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Romans 14:17) That is where real life is. All else is a fraud.

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©CorneliaScottCree.com. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission, from this blog’s author and/or owner, is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to CorneliaScottCree.com. Thank you for cooperating in the effort to give glory to God.

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