Martin Luther vs. the Jews: Was this fake news circa-1550?

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Famous Jewish Christians sing their msignature song.

For generations Martin Luther’s translation and exposition of the book of Romans has been considered the finest although modern expositors have tried to outdo him. But we all stumble over the so-called anti-semitic writings later on from Martin Luther’s pen. It is hard to reconcile the two.

There is reason to think they were either written by someone else, or mismanaged in their presentation because Luther’s opinions do not match his original extensive applause of the Jews and their place in history through the Roman’s translation.

It is helpful to recall what God told us – The whole world lies in the wicked one.

At this time in history as the Gutenberg printing press was just coming on the scene, there were no copyright safeguards and many people, in order to lure readers, used Martin Luther’s popular name to profit for themselves.  There are many things today we need to rethink as well.

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