There is No "Safe Place"

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100% of all censorship, be it Twitter, Facebook or the Communist Bureaucracy, seeks only to create a safe place for themselves and the people they wish to control by preventing them from learning anything they might use to free themselves from false ideas. These “safe places” simply do not exist. And anything based on fear will not work in the end, because deception leads to decline. Assumptions are self-censorship.

Helicopter parents overprotecting children

Overprotecting parents prevent children from gaining the skills to handle adulthood. Failure is a much better teacher than success. Always sheltering children from failure makes them dependent as adults and cautious about living life. The job of parents is to make sure the failures are not final. My 19 year old cousin died in a motorcycle accident because he was not wearing a helmet. The helmet he needed; he did not need to be told to never ride a motorcycle. That is overdoing it. All learning includes risk.

Mental prisons are all around us, but they are delusional. No one is actually protected from the truth, or for that matter, lies. Either lies or truth are recognized as such or they are given free rein to rule our lives in secret. Then we are forced to blame bad luck, or our stars, or the government, or whomever – there are always a host of people to blame – for our failures.

Safe Places allow the fearful or ignorant to live with others in Multiverse delusion. Colleges now are so over extended financially they create wombs for students lest they lose the income.

Safe Places protect assumptions

The true safe place is hidden where others do not wish to go – the cross of Christ. Behind His word I am protected. My physical body, my being female and old, also protects me. No one expects me to do or be what I am. Once I was in a small group of people when someone started speaking French which I immediately knew. They looked at me as though I had flown in on ET’s bicycle. Assumptions lead us away from reality.

Once in California I played bridge with a group of locals who made fun of me as a “cracker” from North Carolina, assuming I was a hillbilly with not a brain in my head. Not one of them in that room had studied six languages or been accepted in a doctoral program. My daughter was disgusted about the way I was treated asked me, “What did you do?” assuming I disabused them of such notions.

I told her, “I just won all the bridge games!”

Assumptions make us look foolish

The most devastating assumption in the past few years was the “surprise” win of President Donald Trump over the presumed winner, Hillary Clinton. Contrary to all the massive public relations the signs of her loss were evident, but no one was looking. The TV and newspapers ignored the signs.

There is no defense against the truth. It will always come out. And that especially is good truths, not just bad news.

 Twitter’s establishment of a “Trust and Safety Council” packed with left-wing advocacy groups, as well as Islamic research centre the Wahid Institute.” Access more information from Breitbart here:

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